Kemper Road Christian Church

Kemper Road Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)

11609 Hanover Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45240

(513) 825-4453

Sunday School: 9:15 am
Worship: 10:30 am



Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was founded in Cane Ridge, Kentucky as part of the Reformation Movement in 1964.

When asked about our doctrine we simply answer, "We have no doctrine but the Bible, and no creed but Christ." We feel it is important to read the Bible and follow its teachings and let the God guide us to do his work. We are His instrument. The words belong to God not to his people.

As Christians, we affirm
  • Jesus is the Christ, the son of the Living God and He died in order for us to have everlasting life with Him
  • Communion is celebrated whenever two or more are gathered to worship Him, is open to all believers in Christ
  • People are free to come together believing in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior guided by the Bible, Holy Spirit, prayer, and study
  • Baptism is by immersion but other traditions are honored
  • We are a ministry of believers, both ordained ministers and lay persons who participate to lead worship, prayer, study, service, and spiritual growth.
We believe in the oneness of the church and of its importance in the life and growth in the body of Christ.