Kemper Road Christian Church

Kemper Road Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)

11609 Hanover Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45240

(513) 825-4453

Sunday School: 9:15 am
Worship: 10:30 am



Elders:Our Elders have a three year term. On this page we will highlight just a few at a time.
Barbara Brown

Barbara is a practicing tax Attorney, an ordained pastor, and CPA. She is currently an Elder and fills in the pulpit when needed. She is one of the Education Chairs and directs VBS.
Bob Kenney

Bob is a retired professor of Religious Studies at Northern Kentucky University. He is also an ordained pastor and has done Campus Ministry during his career. He is past chair of the Elders and current Elder who also fills in the pulpit when needed. He works with the Education Ministry and has directed Holy Hoops
Bob Cuffe

Bob works in the Accounting Field and has been the past Treasurer, past Moderator and currently is an Elder. He has had many leadership roles and when there is an event, Bob will always be there.
Lisa Davis

Lisa is our newest Elder. She is the Chair of the Finance Ministry, in charge of our Karaoke, works with our youth, past Treasurer and past diaconate.